“How very necessary it is to devote serious attention to the young. If we want qualified and capable men for both civil and spiritual leadership, we must spare no effort, time and expense in teaching and educating our children to serve God and mankind.” – Martin Luther

We believe that God is the source of all wisdom and strength, and our academics challenge students to take advantage of the individual talents that God has given them.  Spiritual development and academic excellence are the pillars of our academics.  Students at Trinity consistently score above average on standardized achievements tests, and they are well-prepared for entrance into high school.


Courses of Study

Religion: Bible History, Christian Doctrine, Bible Verses, Songs and Hymns, Bible Verses, and Worship

Language Arts: Reading, Phonics, English, Spelling, Grammar, Literature, Speech, Handwriting, and Composition

Mathematics: Number Readiness, Basic Number Concepts, Arithmetic, Problem Solving, Basic Geometry, Pre-Algebra, High School Level Algebra

Social Studies: Communities, U.S. Geography, World History, U.S. History, Civics and Government, World Geography

Science: General Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Physics, 

Fine Arts: Music, Choral Singing, Drama, Art, Art Appreciation, Crafts, and Band (grades 5-8)

Phy. Ed.: Team Sports, Group Activities, Fundamental Skills, Physical Fitness and Hygiene

Computers: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Keyboarding, Literacy, Internet and Internet Safety