Trinity is happy to share our involvement in NEWLSA’s SCRIP Program. The SCRIP program
is a great way to get money back in rebates as a credit to your tuition account, another
family’s account, or a gift to one of the three association schools. The program works
simply as submitting an order form with cash in the office. The order is submitted and paid
for, and gift cards are returned. You use those loaded cards at the vendors. You receive the
full amount that you paid for, and a percentage of the order is given to your school account
with half going to either the school or another family as a rebate. This system is great for
various celebrations where gift cards are given. In order to participate in the SCRIP program
families must complete the program agreement form. After that is submitted, families can
submit order forms with their cash to the office. As noted in the order form various vendors
give different amounts back in rebates. This is an ongoing fundraising process with the
association to keep our tuition as affordable as possible.

Documents to get started are below. Click the images to open .pdfs of the agreement and
vendor forms.

NEWLSA Scrip Program Agreement

NEWLSA Scrip Program 2023-2024