Financial Aid


Although the school expects families to make financial sacrifices to send their children to Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School, we want to ensure that financial hardships do not prevent students from attending.  To this end, financial aid may be granted under special circumstances but families are asked to seriously consider their need before applying.  Aid will be granted by the executive committee of the Board of Directors prior to each school year and, in some special cases, during the school year.  The following outlines the school’s financial aid policy.



  • GBLSA will allocate up to 5% of its total tuition received (# of students multiplied by current tuition rate) each academic year for annual financial hardship assistance.
  • A small portion of this financial assistance pool may be held to assist families with unexpected financial shortfalls during the school year.
  • Families can receive up to one half of their children’s annual tuition obligation in financial aid.  The remaining tuition must be paid by choosing one of the options listed under the Tuition Policy.

Qualifications & Consideration

  • Families are asked to first approach their own congregation for financial assistance.
  • As a guide, families qualifying WPCP vouchers or for reduced price or free meals as defined by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s most recent “Income Eligibility Guidelines” will be given preference for financial aid.
  • Families experiencing significant life change situations or unforeseen financial hardships like catastrophic medical bills, recent job loss, or casualty losses not covered by insurance may also qualify.  Limited financial resources in these situations must be demonstrated.
  • Parents receiving financial aid are encouraged to show their support of the school through volunteer opportunities.  Examples include classroom, recess or lunchroom assistance, fund raising, etc.
  • Any families not current in their tuition payments are encouraged to apply for tuition assistance.  We often find that families falling behind in their tuition payments have not previously applied for help through the tuition assistance program.

Applications & Decisions

  • Facts Registration Form
  • Families are asked to submit an application along with a copy of their most recent IRS tax return as proof of household income.
  • Applications must be submitted by May 15 prior to the upcoming school year in which the funds are being applied for.
  • All decisions will be confidential and made by May 31 of each year.
  • The school reserves the right to revoke financial aid at any time, but only with ample warning and discussion with the family.

Tuition Offset Program

  • Our Saviour offers a rebate from the Scrip program, payable to families
  • Volunteering at the Our Saviour Packer Concession stand will apply to tuition


Additional details are available in the Student and Family Handbook .