Financial Aid

Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School offers financial assistance in the following methods:

  1. Application for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program
  2. Apply for Financial Aid through Facts
  3. Scrip  is a great way to help offset your tuition at Green Bay Trinity!  The Scrip program is run in conjunction with Our Saviour Lutheran Church.  To participate in Scrip, please see Michelle in the Church Office.  Instead of using cash at many of your favorite stores, you can pre-purchase a gift card to use at that store.  The school and Our Saviour both receive a percentage of the cost of the card; it does not reduce the amount of funds available on the gift card or the price of the card.For example, if you are planning on spending $50 at Kwik Trip.  If you pre-purchase a $50 gift card from the Church Office, 10% of the cost is refunded to the church.  5% is sent to the church, and 5% is sent to your child’s tuition account.  All of this is free to take advantage of!Many families have used Scrip to help pay their tuition. A couple of families have even paid their entire amount with nothing but Scrip! You can also shop online by visiting Scrip Documents
  4. Green Bay Packer Games: Our Saviour Lutheran Church operates a concession stand at Lambeau Field that uses volunteer workers.  Our Saviour has reserved a set amount of spots for Trinity families to utilize.  After the game, a percentage of the profit is given by the Packers to the organization working the stand.  Each worker is guaranteed to earn $75/game, but there is potential to earn more.  The entire amount is applied directly to your family’s tuition. Please contact Michelle in the Church Office to arrange for participation.  You will need to hurry, though, as these opportunities tend to fill up fast!
  5. Jack Natzke Memorial Scholarship is available for one incoming Kindergarten student.
  6. Ken and Murphy Baumann Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund is available for tuition assistance.  This fund is made possible through generous donations by Trinity supporters.
  7.  Redeemer Lutheran Church: This scholarship is for students that are not members of Redeemer.  These non-member scholarships remain with the student through their career at Trinity, similar to the voucher program.