July 10, 2019


In the 2018-2019 school year Trinity was recommended for National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA). This process involved a deep dive into the history, values, and details of the school. Out of the accreditation is came an action plan of continuous improvement over the next five years. This is what the validation team said about Trinity:

The Validation Team’s Overall Impression of the School

Green Bay Trinity Lutheran School is distinctly Lutheran and is firm in their
commitment to provide a quality, Christian education in a Christ-centered environment for the
community. You can see this in the actions of teachers, staff, administration, parents and
stakeholders. Our interviews with parents also revealed that Trinity does a marvelous job of
faith development in their students and fosters an outstanding family environment.

Outstanding Strengths
 There are strong relationships between Trinity Lutheran School, its parents, and
alumni. These stakeholders take great pride and ownership in the school.
 Trinity enjoys a great reputation in the Lutheran community and also in the Green Bay
 It is a blessing to Trinity that they now have a full-time administrator, who is
supportive of his staff, as the school is growing.
 Trinity has highly qualified educators who are dedicated to Christian education. They
have created a school culture that promotes both spiritual and academic growth.
 Trinity Lutheran School has a solid curricular foundation that has been able to
challenge and support their students in being thoroughly prepared for high school.
 The newly formed association between Trinity Lutheran and NEWLHS has the
potential to be a future powerful practice.

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